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Girls Be Like Stylin’! (Part II)

Last August, when I posted the first part of this theme,  I knew it would require at least several installments.  It was quite clear that just once would not be enough.  As a matter of fact, as I peer into the distant future I don’t see even a hint of when it will end.

Think of it as an homage to the imagination, creativity, and downright passion with which women throw themselves into their wardrobes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you will come away from this post inspired to achieve even more than you have already.

(God save us).

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound so let’s raise the curtains and open up the runway!

painting of two Georgian ladies by Spanish painter Cristobal de Antonio

The Basket of Roses, by Cristobal de Antonio, ca. 1900.

Oh, my!

Would you like to dress up like this?  Wouldn’t it be fun?  Every day?  This is an eye catching glimpse of another time and another world and I’m thinking of adding it our already amazing note card line-up.

Besides, I think the one on the right likes me.

Now let us take a quantum leap across the vast social divide to something a little more homespun:

Cover of Girl Watcher Magazine with two rather lusty busty girls

My how things change

What can one say?  Well, actually one can say a lot but I’m holding my tongue, or at least restraining my fingers.  I did make this into a note card but haven’t yet offered it to the public.  Even I haven’t even found anyone I could send it to yet, but I’m not giving up.

By the way, the one on the right is June Wilkinson, a real “blonde bombshell” of the ’50s and ’60s. She was born in England and made it to the stage at the infamous Windmill Theare in London.  At age 15 she was the theatre’s youngest topless dancer.  When she toured the U.S. she was snapped up by Hugh Heffner and was subsequently featured many times in Playboy.  She did fairly well in Hollywood too, appearing in at least a half dozen films, including the must-see Macumba Love..

“Love Goddess” indeed.

OK, from here on it’s all downhill so you can call the kids back into the room; you’ll all enjoy what’s coming up next!

Woman dressed in a club costume

Club Costume, ca 1920

She looks like someone made her do this.

We recommend this card be used as an invitation to go clubbing.  I can’t think of much else it’s good for except a laugh.  Do you have friends who really like to play cards?  The esteem in which they hold you will soar when you send them this card.  Go ahead, show them  you care!  (You can order vast quantities, or just one, by clicking on the image.)

A 20s flapper wearing an owl  mask

Owl Girl by E. Rousselet

I haven’t found much biographical information on E. Rousselet even though he did seem to have achieved a certain amount of success in the early 1900s with his pastel portraits and illustrations.  This young lady appears to be perfectly serious and confident in her stylish owl mask.  Perhaps it’s just the thing for your next job interview.

A woman in a feathered hat

I think she’s on to something here!  But wait, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this before or since so maybe she’s not.  She could be though, if just enough of you joined the fashion parade until the need for this hat reaches critical mass.  She kind of reminds me of the dimes I used to have in my pocket as a kid:

mercury dime

Edith La sylphe

Edith “La Sylphe” in her S-Bend Corset

Edith Langerfeld was born in New York in 1873 of a German father and an Irish Mother, a combination that was sure to produce some interesting results.  She became a ballerina and eventually a huge Vaudevillian dance attraction, particularly practiced in the Eastern dance style popularly known as the “Houchee Couchee“.  Here she’s wearing a type of corset that was actually thought to be more healthy than the regular straight kind but of course was not.  I would have paid a silver dollar to see her dance!

[Pause to get my breath back.]

Zelda Boden (Photo by Frederick W. Glasier}

Zelda Boden (Photo by Frederick W. Glasier}

As long we’re touching on show biz, let’s take a look at Zelda, a girl who really knew how to put on the Ritz.  Zelda was a big attraction with Barnum and Bailey’s circus back in the teens and twenties of the last century.  The girl had flair, no doubt about it, and I know she’d be a great dinner guest.

Roller Derby Girl

Just what is this girl doing?

I have had her note card up and for sale for some time, identifying  her as a roller derby  player.  I’ve since changed my mind and believe the original information I received was in error.  Deanna over at the Kitschslapped blog thinks she may have been a supporter of an English soccer team nicknamed the “Black Cats” and just happens to be wearing skates.  Her reasoning makes more sense than the roller derby guess so I think I’m going to have to do some revising of my captions.  In any case, the sartorial splendor of this young lady is commendable and she has certainly earned her spot in this post.

Theatre Magazine Cover

Cover of Theatre Magazine, June, 1925

Theatre Magazine had some of the most gorgeous covers of the ’20s and this one is a great example.  This Spanish lady is taking a break from her soulful strumming to pose for the artist in a most colorful and sumptuous way.  I must confess that at times my choices are driven by such use of color as this.  I would have loved to been a photographer in the artist’s studio!

Poster for Parfum Luzy

Poster for Parfum Luzy

Now this is a simple yet exceedingly dramatic use of a sheet of red silk!  Luzy’s perfume, “Crimson Antique” could hardly be illustrated in a more fashionable way than with this poster done by Leonetto Capiello, one of the most innovative graphic artists of the early 20th century.

– – – – –

Well, it seems I have once again over-indulged my fancy here .  I hope you can share at least a bit of enthusiasm and fascination with me for this antique imagery.  Although there must be a finite number of such images, “new” ones don’t ever seem to stop showing up on my screen, so stick with me, I promise you and your eyes will have a good time!



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Sublimely Dated

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Al Einstein

I’m taking Professor Einstein’s word as gospel truth, mainly because it suits my purpose.  And because I guess I really have no other choice.   Another way of saying what he said, I suppose, is that the past is still with us. I suggest that before we let our minds get boggled to the point of dysfunction over that possibility, let’s just have some fun with it.  That’s what we do at Greetings from Other Worlds have fun with the past by making it real now.

Dancer Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova Lives!

By choice and predilection many of us still live in a world in which a card arriving in our mailbox with a hand written message from a dear friend is many times more  special than an ultra ephemeral pile of bits and bytes in the illusory form of an e-mail or on-line “card”.   (No tell-tale residue left on your computer either.)  It is so much fun to bring an unexpected smile into a distant someone’s life simply by sending them a card with an image that you know will do the trick.

And do we  have the cards!


Testing Football Helmets

Yes, it’s hard to believe that this young fellow hasn’t learned his lesson, but according to Einstein he’s still doing this right now.   And by the way, those guys in the background seem to be having a little too much fun at this fellow’s expense, in my opinion.   (Click on the image to go to the product listing.)  How would you react upon receiving this nifty little note card in the mail?  I know it would make my day, for sure.  And you know what?  I would get just as much fun from sending it, maybe even more!

We are constantly culling the best images from myriad sources to come up with some of the most delightful artwork and old time photos you’ve never seen before.


Woman in Club Costume

Going Clubbing

Do you and  your friends enjoy making the rounds on a Friday night?  Well, get serious about it and formally invite them to go clubbing with you!  This girl certainly knows how to dress for a good time so get her out there spreading the word for you!

If there’s a story behind a picture, you’ll find it nicely condensed on the back of the card.   Otherwise, I’ll try to pass it on here.  In the two cases above I haven’t a clue about the back story but I sure would like to!

While searching out the images to use I’m very careful about copyright considerations when choosing one for use on a card.  Consequently, I discover thousands of irisistible images that I just can’t can’t reproduce on a card.  I will post them here on this blog  however.  Their entertainment value is  just too great not to share!  To wit:

truemen-dec59 Stuff like this for instance.  (Beautiful Yankee spy indeed!) When I was a kid I loved to  hang out at the magazine rack, thumbing through these juicy examples of male hormones unleashed upon the printed page.   I  could hardly wait until I was old enough to actually buy them – what a treat!

(But wait a minute!  According to Einstein I’m still a kid!)

Had enough?  I  haven’t, and this is going to go on for quite a while if I have my way.  So stay tuned by following us, just by clicking on that little “follow” but to the right of the clubbing girl.   You’ll always be surprised and delighted with each post and it will just take five minutes to liven up your day!  And, of course, visit our Etsy shop at  Greetings from Other Worlds and get started on your way to everlasting popularity!




 Now, to get back to the time topic, check this out.  You’ll be glad you did!

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